• Dorit Provizor, industrial designer and ceramist, celebrates the simplicity of clay. I specialize in creating ceramic pieces using various rolling pin techniques, highlighting the natural colors and textures of the material.

    My work revolves around playing with clay and examining the interaction between its different earth tones, preserving its natural colors and mixing various shades of clay together without the addition of synthetic pigments. Graduate of the Holon Institute of Technology.

  • I am inspired by the natural world and strive to preserve the beauty of the material in my work. I explore the relationship between colors and blend various shades of clay . My colors are produced manually by mixing clay types in different ratios.

    Through my creative process, I celebrate the abundance of the earth. I find endless possibilities in the simple and ordinary. I create new combinations and relationships between colors, and I bring out the hidden beauty of the material.

  • ▲ This is me:)

▶ My creative process begins with one base color. By mixing it with other shades of clay, I add character and transform it from being lacking identity to being full of personality.

On the one hand, my work process can be described as planned and ordered; I choose the colours in advance, define where to place them and how much of them to use. On the other hand, my process allows for the freedom that the clay needs. It has its own desires and moves to wherever it pleases.

Through this unique process, patterns evolve that can never be repeated, giving each piece its own unique soul.

▶ In a world of abundance, I strive to produce abundance from the soil. The use of the obvious, the existing offers an infinity of possibilities. In the creation process, I preserve the natural colors of the material while creating new combinations by mixing the clay.