A study in color.

Nuance is an extremely subtle transition between colors. The Nuances collection was created after extensive color theory research and the desire to create a countless variety of tones from a limited selection of colors. 

In this collection, I explore harmony and contrast between colors. It consists of two lighting fixtures and a wall installation. Each fixture is composed of two tones, at times they appear side by side, and at other times, they blend together. The combination formed between the two provides each lighting fixture with its distinct identity. 

The wall installation comes in two sizes and presents the color palette that I have developed. It is made up of discs that are hung side by side, representing the infinite shades that can be created by mixing clay. The compositional complexity of the colors is embedded in the material's simplicity. 

The Nuances collection exposes the structure of the composition by dismantling it and presenting it side by side. The collection is suitable for both workspace and commercial spaces and residential.