May 20, 2023


The Mezuzah case is meticulously handcrafted using a combination of white and brown clay, manually mixed in varying proportions to preserve the natural color of the material.

▶ The goal was to design a unique mezuzah for Six Senses Shaharut that would be available for purchase to hotel guests. Shaharut is located in an area rich in history and archaeological sites, and the hotel's art, design, and content are influenced by the nearby and distant history, the desert, and the Middle East.

I started the design process by visiting the Land of Israel Museum, where I was inspired by the coin section. I wanted the mezuzah to feel like something that had been dug up from the ground, while also being relevant to the present time.

▶ The mezuzah is made of clay and consists of two parts that are joined together. The upper part is embossed with ancient Hebrew script, "Blessed are you when you come, blessed are you when you leave". And the lower part serves as the entrance to the mezuzah scroll.

The production process includes manual clay mixing, rolling it into a slab, and pressing it into a plaster mold.

▶ The mezuzah is a beautiful and unique piece of art that reflects the history and culture of the region. It is a fitting welcome gift for guests of Six Senses Shaharut. It is available for purchase on the Six Senses Shaharut website.