APRIL 05, 2022


Pas Normal is a design studio founded by Roni Keren and Mayan Carmeli. They curate and select home items from leading design brands around the world.

▶ For the upcoming Passover holiday, we envisioned a shared holiday table that would be both elegant and functional. we wanted to create a family of four items that could be used for both Passover and other occasions.

▶ The wooden parts of the pieces were designed in 3D software and then produced by a local woodworker named Nissim.

▶ The items we designed include a matzah holder, napkin holder, candlesticks, and a Passover Seder plate. The pieces are made from a blend of clay and wood, which allows them to be arranged in different configurations on the table.

The wooden and ceramic pieces were brought together to form a cohesive family of items that can be used to create a beautiful and festive table. The collection is available for purchase at the Pas Normal showroom.

Photographs by Dadi Elias.