December 16, 2022


Our handmade collection, 'Sand and Wind', evolved organically as we discovered that in both of our professional and personal lives, we are intrigued by the tension and harmony between sternness and fragility, perseverance and flow, ground and air.

▶ In response to these elements, a collection revolves around color stains and lines. Each handmade item is unique, and the collection includes plates of two sizes, trays, glasses, and carafes. They are decorated with two abstract figures symbolizing the body and matter, and with birds symbolizing the spirit.

▶ As artists, we love creating one-of-a-kind items that allow room for mistakes and surprises. Through my unique technique, I created the ceramic pieces, which we designed together, and combined different types of clay inside them to make disposable stains.

▶ Based on the shape of the pebbles I collected - stones that change over time due to the flow of soft water - I have made stains. Geffen illustrated the compositions by hand, reacting to my stains to produce different scenes on each piece. A subtle contrast is created between the spots of natural clay and the light lines of Geffen.

▶ If you would like to place a custom order, please contact us!