December 20, 2022


Bleecker & Prince is a jewelry brand by designer and founder Leehe Segal, named after two parallel streets in Manhattan. Bleecker and Prince. There are two stores of this brand, one in Israel and one in New York.

▶ In addition to gold, diamonds, and natural stones, Bleecker and Prince also incorporate enamel into their jewelry. They needed a display surface that could present all the enamel color options in a convenient and, of course, aesthetic way.

▶ After discussing the needs and the design vision, I planned the surface in 3D software, taking into account the clay's shrinkage percentages. In order to get the colors and names to sit inside the surface properly, I planned them larger.

▶ Using a 3D printer, the model was printed, then transformed into two plaster molds.

The clay color combination was chosen, and I pressed it into the molds.

▶ Although calculations and preliminary planning are done, the fear remains that something will turn out wrong or that the calculations will not be accurate.

Part of that happened: in the first round, the glaze stuck to the kiln shelf at the bottom of the surface. As is the case with many ceramic projects, I did this project in two rounds. However, it's an invaluable lesson in patience and release to be able to work with ceramic materials.

▶ It was all worth it when my calculations were accurate.

Two surfaces have been created. One is already in New York and the other is here in Israel.