JANUARY 26, 2023


I was honored to participate in the exhibition "Far from Home, Far from Home: A Tribute to Worker's Restaurants", curated by Liora Rosen and Rona Zinger. The exhibition was a comprehensive exploration of the definition of worker's restaurants in Israel.

▶ Photograph by Dor Kedmi.

▶ Participants were invited to respond to the theme through a plate or series of plates that presented their personal interpretations. I responded by creating a series of three plates that examined the limits of a plate by creating a new boundary each time, each in a different way. I used clay in two shades to distinguish between the origin and the addition, left the connections visible, not hidden, akin to the unpretentious aesthetics present in these restaurants.

▶ These restaurants represent a sense of community, large pots, and a wide variety of home-cooked dishes. The act of sitting around the table, accompanied by numerous plates, reflects a generous heart and a strong desire to satisfy. This sense of abundance challenges the diner's eating capacity and tests the boundaries of satiety. After all, most plates will not remain empty.