A collection of tools that floods the connection between Friday and the character trait Courage and how we can incorporate a little more of it into our busy daily lives. With the help of sets for leisure ceremonies, an opportunity is created to summon to us a mindset of observing the here and now.

The story of the collection is personal: Courage Dictionary Definition: A human trait that embodies the ability to deal with fear, pain, danger, uncertainty or threat. When I was 5 my dad taught me to jump head. Reach your hands forward, arch your back and dive into the water. The first rule of thumb is that the head enters the water first, immediately after the hands. Needless to say my stomach hit the water time and time again and needless to say how much it hurt. In the end I succeeded, the head came in first and the feeling was wonderful. This memory is the first time I have felt brave, the word courage takes on many and varied definitions, varies between different cultures and between different people and meets each of us in everyday decisions and actions.

Collection story Friday: Friday symbolizes rest. A day where you let go of the tension and thoughts from last week and step aside and make room for calm and serenity, to look inside. Rest is characterized by small moments of leisure, rituals and shared experiences. This is one of the few days of the week that we dedicate time to ourselves to be here and now without distractions. Integration between the two: How do courage and Friday meet? For me Friday symbolizes a mindset that means being in the here and now, stopping the routine, putting thoughts aside and enjoying the moment. To enjoy this mood even on a daily basis requires courage and bravery in this story symbolizes the ability to listen to ourselves and stop, to let the special rituals of Friday come in and take part in daily life, not just on Friday. technique: I chose to put the color of the earth in all its shades and the mixing technique in the center.

The tools are true to the color of the clay, with no additives, some with clear glaze. Stand naked and honest in front of you - brave no? All are done by hand using a rolling pin. Products: The collection contains three sets, each of which refers to a moment of contentment, together or separately. The coffee and cake or fruit early in the morning, a light sandwich meal of ten hours or an intimate meeting between friends who invite a conversation around hospitality. dedication: The collection is dedicated to everyone who needs it. A boost of courage to enjoy the moment and make room for leisure around the clock.

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